Energy costs are rocketing and service delivery country wide is deteriorating rapidly, the time has come to shrug off our traditional complacency.

The alternative solution is now both available and affordable. Now is the right time for you to subscribe to the most powerful energy provider in the world – the sun. Not only is it free – it is also reliable!

Can we truly afford not to use it?

On average 43% of household energy cost goes to heating water! It makes sense to start here on any cost saving project. You can achieve the highest return with the smallest investment.

Bergen’s Solar are the proud Importers of the Viessmann brand in South Africa

Bergens Solar geysers are founded on German technology, which has been refined for use in Africa. Our solar geysers are state of the art solar water heating technology. Viessmann Solar water heating vacuum tubes are already in its 5th generation of development, continually striving for perfection and the best efficiency. Viessmann vacuum tubes are guaranteed for 5 years and have a life expectancy of 25 years.

Viessmann solar systems are also unique in the fact that they are protected from overheating due to the patented Isotec valve.

Bergens Solar geyser systems have electrical back up. You will not be stuck with out hot water, so you can be assured of the luxury and comfort of hot water even in the harshest conditions.

Installations can be done as all on roof systems, or as split systems, where the geyser remains in roof and only the solar collectors are mounted externally. We also have the option of converting electrical geysers to Solar with the Viessmann system.

Configurations available are 150L, 200L and 300L solar geysers. There is however no limit to the amount of water that can be heated. Domestic and commercial needs can definitely be catered for.

Although the Viesmann brand is our premium product Bergens Solar can assist you with Solar geyser systems from Apollo Solar Technology and Honeywell solar geysers, depending on budget and or the application required.

We strongly suggest talking to a knowledgeable consultant to guide you in your decision as to what will work for you specifically. There is no “óne size fits all” approach to Solar water heating.

Investing in a solar geyser will save you money, help to protect our environment and give you all the comfort of the hot water you will require.

The Viessmann solar water heating vacuum tube was previously branded in South Africa as Isoll. We can still then can assist with replacements and servicing of these systems.

Please feel free to contact us – we can help!