South Africans love swimming pools. We design, landscape and pave them beautifully to enhance our homes and gardens. We care for them and treat them to be sparklingly blue. How often do we actually use them though during the course of a year?

Why is that? Swimming pool temperatures in Gauteng only reach around 21 degrees in the summer months. That is quite a drop from body temperature and not comfortable to spend extended periods of time relaxing in.

If you added around 9 degrees to that and had your swimming pools temperature at 30 degrees, you now have climate to enjoy. You will still be cooling off but you will not be shocking your system and will be able to enjoy the water for much longer periods. You can now enjoy being in your pool instead of admiring how beautiful it is from the relative comfort of your living room or patio.

Bergens Solar offer two solutions to swimming pool heating. Option one is to use conventional solid PVC mats to heat your swimming pool, or option two is to utilise evacuated tubes for the heating.

Heating your swimming pool with solar does not require any further energy cost as the technology utilises your existing pool pump to circulate water through the solar collectors.

Further savings can be achieved if you would like to change you electric pool pump to a solar driven pool pump. Then obviously solar circulation and filtration would be totally free. These solar pumps can also be used for fish and or Koi ponds.

Installations are neat and unobtrusive and can be done on pitched or flat roofs. Heat pumps can also be utilised for heating pools, if there is no roof space of if shading is severe.

Heating your pool with a Bergens Solar pool heating system will give you and your family many hours of enjoyment in your swimming pool and also add value to your home.

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