Electricity supply and cost in South Africa has become a major talking point. Many people are actively looking at alternatives to either ensure supply, reduce energy costs or to become independent.

When investigating a solar power solution many people are put off by a number of factors. The cost of a Solar power system can be prohibitive, It is usually sounds very complicated and most people just don’t know where and how to start.

The process starts with an audit on the building. Most buildings can be made more energy efficient without putting up a single solar panel. Questions need to be asked, is the building well insulated, how is water heated, what lighting and appliances are being utilised, how are meals prepared and how is the building heated or cooled?
Once factors like the above have been addressed and the building has been made as energy efficient as possible a solar power system can be designed to run essential appliances or to go totally off grid.

Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) can also be utilised to run essential items in the scenario of power interruption’s, which charge up from the grid and then supply power when the grid fails.

Smaller items such as garage and gate motors can be made to run off solar power, ensuring operation when there is no power.

Swimming pool pumps and Borehole pumps are available that are solar driven which can also reduce cost and ensure continuous operation.

Various lighting solutions are also available that are quite easily and cheaply run off solar power.

There are also many house hold appliances that are extremely energy efficient that can be incorporated in the home. (energy efficient appliances have A+, A++ or A+++ ratings.)

From the above it is clear that a Solar power solution is a holistic approach to a problem.

As mentioned before we would strongly suggest that you speak to a knowledgeable consultant regarding your requirements.

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